Zombie from Miami has been confirmed as a host of LQP-79, A Deadly Virus. Is it all real?

I am thinking it maybe a new form of an unknown virus that acted badly with drugs, the guy (Rudy Eugene) had a drug habit.  See info below Mike G

Updated as I get new info so check back often.

Update 3:41pm 5.31.2012 Why is there so many people saying that the theory of LQP-79 is untrue? Why is the officials not coming out and saying this just a lot of “people” all over the net saying that people like me are conspiracy theorist?  With as many people asking questions should the government health people be commenting if this is not real?


The Zombie Apocalypse May Actually Be Upon Us

It all started on 5/16 with an ominous story about a “mysterious rash” at McArthur High School in Hollywood that launched a HazMat investigation. Twleve students and two teachers were treated and released. The source of the rash remains unknown. Mike’s Anubis

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