You won’t see this on Al Jazeera or the BBC. In 2012 after Friday prayers at the mosque in Maungdaw, Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants were ordered by their Imam to slaughter all Buddhists in the town. Here is the video.

You won’t see this on Al Jazeera or the BBC.

The OIC does not need an office in Burma (Myanmar)
The OIC does not need an office in Burma (Myanmar)

In 2012 after Friday prayers at the mosque in Maungdaw, Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants were ordered by their Imam to slaughter all Buddhists in the town. Here is the video.

Bengali Muslims (Rohingya) launched a surprise attack on the Buddhists in Maungdaw on June 8, 2012. This attack set off the large-scale violence that erupted in Rakhine State, Burma.

This area was once majority Buddhists but over the last few decades, Bangladeshi Muslims have flooded across the border until their numbers were high enough that they felt safe in ethnically cleansing the native Buddhist population.

Apparently, the OIC heads, Qatar, Saudis and other Islamic nations were trying to get a foothold in the country to launch propaganda campaigns in favour of the growing immigrant Bangladeshi population and incite them to attack the Buddhist natives.

Buddhist monks protesting against the opening of an OIC office in Burma (this was when most people had never heard of the OIC so found it unusual they would have).

Another thing of note, when the military cracked down on these jihadists in in 2012, Muslims were trying to portray the crackdown as a genocide as well and trying the same proaganda as they are now, sharing fake pictures, pushing the victimhood narrative, but it didn’t hold so well.

Look for videos of “Arakan Mujahideen” on youtube as well and you will see Al qaeda style groups being trained up by Pakistani intelligence in Burma and reinforced by Arab Jihadis calling for the creation of a Sharia state and the beheadings of non-Muslims.

Also look up “oic protests Burma” for videos of Buddhist monks protesting against the OIC infiltration a few years ago.

A young Buddhist monk, a young man, and a women describe the violence and death that they experienced and witnessed, when Bengali Muslims (Rohingya) attacked the Buddhists. Read much more about this conflict in the 150 page report I wrote, which is thorough, factual and supportable. Go to to see this report and many other papers.

OIC Protest in Yangon

Buddhists in Myanmar Protest OIC’s Upcoming Visit (abc/AP, Nov 12, 2013):

“Hundreds of Buddhists marched through the streets of Myanmar’s biggest city on Tuesday to protest an upcoming visit by a high-level delegation from the world’s biggest Islamic political bloc. Some of those who marched in Yangon carried banners saying “Get out!” and “Stop interfering in our internal affairs!” Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu and several ministers from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a grouping of 57 Islamic countries, will arrive in Myanmar on Wednesday to talk with government officials about sectarian violence that has gripped the predominantly Buddhist nation of 60 million for more than a year…”

BBC trending has noted back in 2015, one of the last attempts at framing this as genocide, that Muslim social media pages were sharing fake and mislabelled pictures claiming they were images of Muslims who’d been killed. One that i have seen used time and again is the Buddhist monks standing around loads of bodies, but that pic was from an earthquake in China;

But BBC Trending found some of the images being shared online don’t show Rohingyas at all – but instead come from other disasters and news events.

BBC News – The fake pictures of the Rohingya crisis

Many of these images are graphic and disturbing. One of the photos, for instance, that shows up in search results shows Buddhist monks standing among piles of body parts. On Facebook and Twitter, the photograph has been cited as an example of Buddhist violence against Rohingyas. But the picture is not from Burma at all – it was actually taken in the aftermath of an earthquake in China in April 2010.

Another picture shows a man on fire running across the road. One group that shared the photo on Facebook suggesting the man suffered horrific abuse – that he was chopped up and burnt alive. But the real story is much different. In fact, the photo is of Jamphel Yeshi, a Tibetan activist who set himself on fire in Delhi in 2012 to protest against the Chinese president’s visit to India.

There are many disturbing pictures of children circulating as well. One shows a boy tied to a wooden pole, with the marks of beatings visible across his back. While online posts call him a Rohingya boy, he’s actually a seven-year-old Thai child who was beaten up by a relative for stealing sweets earlier this year.

Then there’s this photo which has been widely shared, particularly in India and Pakistan, showing a motorcycle riding across the hands of school students who are lying on the ground with outstretched arms. The incident wasactually a stunt by a martial arts trainer in south India.

The following video is from 2013. These are the Bangladeshi and other foreign jihadists the OIC has been training up to attack Buddhists and create a separatist Islamic state in Burma. The MSM is reporting that these groups either don’t exist or only exist recently since the military crackdown in recent months.

The OIC has been setting the stage for another Islamic conflict zone in Burma for years. Here are the so called women and children that the military cracked down on;

Alhamdulillah Mujahideen are raising in Burma.

Erdogan has also been using Burma to try and rally support behind him as the new Caliph and leader of the Ummah;

The leaders of Turkey, Iran, Venezuela and Bangladesh met on the sidelines of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) science and technology summit in Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana.

As several Muslim countries try to shore up international support for persecuted Rohingya Muslims, their plight topped Sunday’s OIC lines.

Erdogan has been calling for the Muslim world to unite against Burma.

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday he was pressing world leaders to do more to help Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims, who face what he has described as genocide.

Myanmar has urged Muslims in the northwest to cooperate in the search for insurgents, whose coordinated attacks on security posts and an army crackdown have led to one of the deadliest bouts of violence to engulf the Rohingya community in decades.
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