You Will Be Exposed – You Have Been Warned!

WHO CAN REALLY TELL WHO IS THIS “ANONYMOUS” The following is provided for entertainment purposes only.



It’s NOW or NEVER America! THERE WILL NOT BE ANOTHER CHANCE! IF you are unemployed, retired, a student, in short not supporting a family, PROTEST the subversion of our Republic.

Listen to the words of Baez, JFK, and Eisenhower. THEY EACH have warned us and we didn’t stand up enough back then. NOW IS OUR TIME, if we want children world wide freed from the slavery The Criminal Behemoths have in store for them both here in America and Everywhere.

Unite, Stand UP, Protest, Resist, Boycott the Criminal Behemoths. Nat’l Labor Strike, whatever it takes to cede power from criminals back into the hands of THE CITIZENS.


TRANSCRIPTION OF JFK’s Prescient Speech from

TRANSCRIPTION OF Eisenhower’s Farewell Speech/Warning from

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