You Have Awakened Johnny Reb “The South will rise Again!” “You are going to pay a price”

You Have Awakened Johnny Reb  "The South will rise Again!"  "You are going to pay a price"
You Have Awakened Johnny Reb “The South will rise Again!” “You are going to pay a price”

Pastor James David Manning as usual pulls no punches and come out with his characterization of the The Democratic Left,  “Carpet baggers” and he is saying they have gone to far… even for their own good.

Scally Wags, Capet baggers  The Talking Heads and  Media Whores have finally gone and done it. Trying to change history and dictate what is heritage is a step to far.  Some might say it is a move closer in the right direction if you where looking for just cause to have martial law… A Civil war would cut it. So will this cause the South to rise again? I do not think so, not how Manning sees it.

Manning is a man of colour, not just in his speech but in his skin. Yet he does not see this as being so much a black thing but a matter of a extreme left wing progressive agenda made steered largely by homosexual activists.

Manning  brings up a point about dirty laundry and the  threat of airing it out… Manning does not call it dirty laundry, he calls it “dirty underwear”.

It brings to mind some deep thoughts and questions such as:

Are politicians being blackmailed by a well organized LGBT “agenda” ?  Has the billions raised over the last decade by LGBT non profits not only purchased lobbyists and political influence, but was it used as a war chest to frame policy makers?

One scathing comment  of note from a youtuber on the subtext of the heart of the matter and basically calls it a conspiracy:

“The AME ‘shooting’ was a hoax perpetrated by the controllers to gin up this BS taking down of the symbol of sovereign states rights and to continue to stir up the race war….”

Erode sovereign states rights and stir up the race war. That is quite a sobering
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