Yes Virginia, we do have property rights!

On June 16, 2010,  the Crown Land Patent Initiative Committee, an internal group of the Ontario Landowners Association (OLA), met with members of the Federal Conservative Caucus for an informative discussion on the powerful force and effect of Crown Land Patent grants.

Supported with years of in-depth research, the group informed the MP’s that Crown Land Patents are the root of title to property and were originally issued to settlers to award them ownership of property or land. Land Patents are legal contracts with the Crown that give land owners certain rights as detailed in each land patent and remain in effect in perpetuity, even though the properties may change ownership many times. The Land Patent committee cited a number of “property issue” court cases that were won based on recognition of the crown land patents.
All land owners are encouraged to apply for their crown land patent grants.

The OLA committee presenting members were President Jack MacLaren, Elizabeth Marshall, Duaine McKinley, Garry Otten and Deborah Madill.

The Ontario Landowners Association (OLA) was formed in 2006 to preserve and protect the rights of property owners and to enshrine property rights within the Constitution of Canada and the laws of the Province of Ontario. The OLA mandate is to aid landowners whose rights to; own, use, manage, enjoy or benefit from, have been, or will be affected or harmed through Government actions. In addition, they actively support those Politicians and Governments who support, property rights and demonstrate and encourage small, fiscally responsible Government. For more information on the OLA or land patents visit the OLA web site at

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