Yahoo Will Delete All Yahoo Groups Content On December 14th

Yahoo Will Delete All Yahoo Groups Content On December 14th

Dear Group Moderators and Members,

Last month we notified you of the changes coming to Yahoo Groups that better align with user habits, and today we are providing an update to guide you through the next steps of the transition. Yahoo Groups is not going away – but we are making adjustments to ultimately serve you better. We are amazed at the vibrant community you’ve created through Yahoo Groups and we want to make sure you feel supported as we introduce these changes.

The following changes were made since our last communication:

Users can now only join a Yahoo Group through an invite or group request approval by the Group Moderator.
New Groups can’t be public. They can only be private (not listed in Groups directory, membership by invitation only) or restricted (listed in Groups directory, membership requests must be approved by a Group Moderator).
Members must share all content via email, and can no longer upload or host new content on the Yahoo Groups website itself.

The following changes will be made on December 14, 2019:

Public groups will no longer exist. All existing public Groups will become restricted Groups that require Group Moderator approval to join.
Any content that was previously uploaded via the website will be removed.

If you would like to keep any of the content you’ve posted or stored within your Yahoo Group, please download it by December 14 by accessing the Groups Download Manager at: . Once you provide your preferred email address, we will send you a confirmation of your download request and notify you once the download is complete.

You will receive a link to a downloadable zip file via email for each of your Groups organized into a separate folder. Download time varies depending on the amount of information and file size.

If your download request is made by 11:59pm PST on Saturday, December 14, 2019, your content will not be deleted until your download is complete. We are unable to accommodate any download requests made after this deadline.

This is the final reminder to download your content. You can find additional information about the upcoming changes at: .

We have worked extensively with our customer support team to develop recommendations for tools that can help you with any download issues. See help article here:

We have watched the evolution of Yahoo Groups with awe, as we grew to a community of millions with over 10 million Groups. Every day, we witness the power of community and shared passions, and our mission is to provide a platform for the strong connections people make with each other around their interests.

We thank you for being part of the Yahoo Groups community and look forward to continuing to provide ways for you to connect with one another about your shared interests and passions.

The Groups Team

^^ This was a reminder email recently sent out…

from an October notice broken down by VERGE: “Yahoo Groups, like much of Yahoo, are a relic of a previous internet age. Although they aren’t widely used now, groups once served as a watering hole for discussion on wonderfully niche interests, such as TV show fan communities and extremely geeky computing topics — almost like Reddit does now. Looking through the directory today, you can still find groups with thousands of members, and some groups have been active as recently as this year.

Sadly, it seems that almost all of that internet history is going to be erased. In a support document, Yahoo says that, effective December 14th, it will be deleting all content that has been posted to Yahoo Groups. And it’s going to largely shut down the service even sooner, as you won’t be able to upload new content to your groups starting this Monday, October 21st.”


“It seems like the beginning of the end”

Not really…

Tripod Geo Cities, AOL, MySpace, Google+ Stumble, Digg,, Tumblr, etc. All gone or going.

Some notes and facts to ponder.

Facebook and “LifeLog” (A DARPA project) is owned and controlled by Facebook. The plan is to have global banking, voting, and governments running multinational state government bureaus on the platform delivering benefits, voting, licensing… reporting, filings, etc..

Alphabet Inc. is Google, but so much more hence the name… You would be surprised how many people do not know about Alphabet Inc. how they have pushed out via competition, corporate buy out$, suing developers and start up companies into insolvencies and bankruptcy etc. Like Microsoft but worse and they built the empire on FREE OPENSOURCE CODE…

So the “Old Internet” is truly no more?

Perhaps it is… As it is this Dec 14th there are going to be some very sad and loyal “old internet” aficionados and adepts.

So if there is a group you have or have liked or loved in the past. Get there now before it is to late to save your digital gems.

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