Xi Jinping, who, together with the Russian president Putin, are allegedly determined to “put an end to the period of US global dominance.”

China will support Russia: China vows to end western dominance.

“It is important to first force China to reconsider its position [on the Ukrainian crisis]. We see no signs of such a revaluation. They have already decided that they will provide economic and financial support [to Russia], and they talked about it [at the meeting],” said a source associated with the American delegation.

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal reported that China and Saudi Arabia are discussing the transition to settlements in yuan for oil deals.

China has already decided to send economic aid to Russia in Ukraine conflict

If China does back Russia in its showdown with the west, the Biden administration will shift its focus to persuading allies, in Europe particularly, to rethink their relationships with Beijing.



Saudi Arabia Considers Accepting Yuan Instead of Dollars for Chinese Oil Sales.

They are going to create their own trading platform and currency.



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