Wow! Hiker Taking Waterfall Pics Catches Moment Calbuco Volcano Explodes On Video

He was in the right place at the right time, with his camera rolling and pointed in the right direction. It all came together for this hiker who was out enjoying the Chilean outdoors last Wednesday. His peaceful interaction with nature was suddenly interrupted by a massive and stunning exhibition of raw power as the sleeping giant, Calbuco Volcano, awoke right before his eyes.

The hiker stopped taping before the sound of the eruption was captured or any associated rush of wind or falling debris was picked up. He was probably just anxious to get out of the area and to safety as quickly as possible.

He did have time to utter “Wow” and an expletive in his local vernacular before rising to his feet and making tracks out of there, surely in awe and perhaps some disbelief of what he had just witnessed.


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