‘Will nuclear army of 5 mln support new Korean leader?’

Uploaded by on Dec 19, 2011

Japan is voicing fears of a possible military escalation in the Korean peninsula, following the death of the North’s leader, Kim Jong-Il. The warning follows a state of emergency and military alert declared by South Korea. China, in turn, has expressed its condolences – but is also reported to have sent troops to its border with the reclusive state. It’s all being driven by fears of a possible succession conflict, as the late leader’s youngest son, Kim Jong-un, prepares to assume power. The country’s declared a period of mourning, with state TV showing outpourings of emotion from across the country. With Korea preparing to take its first steps under new leadership, the world is waiting to witness the country’s next move. International consultant and author Adrian Salbuchi says it’s still unclear whether North Korean army be subordinate to the new government.

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