WikiLeaks releases audio accusing Obama & Bush administrations of corruption

Whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks has published a trove of classified audio files indicating that the Bush and Obama appointees engaged in misappropriation of funds in a program intended to help disabled people find jobs.

WikiLeaks had 30 hours of audio recordings related to a billion-dollar corruption scandal “with links to the White House,” the organization said in a tweet on Monday.


Today, 16 November 2015 8:30 am EST, WikiLeaks publishes the 30 hours of secret tapes and transcripts at the heart of the AbilityOne/SourceAmerica scandal.

Thirteen Presidential Appointees (ten Obama, three Bush) are embroiled in a multi-billion dollar corruption scandal being probed by the US Department of Justice and four Inspector Generals. The appointees oversee the federal government’s $3billion a year “AbilityOne” program which is meant to pay for the employment of more than 50,000 disabled people–the largest such program in the United States. Most of that money, $2.3 billion a year, is funneled through the non-profit SourceAmerica to more than 1000 other designated partner organizations. This subsidised disabled labour is then placed (for a fee) with government and industry. Most of the labour is pushed to the military sector, including the DoD, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin & Boeing–who are also “patrons” of SourceAmerica. It is alleged that nearly half of the $2.3billion a year does not go to the severely disabled, but is rorted by pushing the money to corruptly favoured placement organisations that recruit the able bodied or the mildly disabled instead of the mandated 75% severely disabled. The result is billions in tax payer funded labour subsidies and increased profits for the placement organizations.

The 26 tapes are recorded conversations between Jean Robinson (Lead Counsel of SourceAmerica) and Ruben Lopez (CEO of Bona Fide Conglomerate Inc., one of the placement organizations) that discuss the alleged corruption.

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List of audio recordings and transcripts

All recorded conversations took place in 2013/early 2014 between Ruben Lopez, CEO of (Bona Fide Conglomerate Inc.) and Jean Robinson, Lead Counsel of (SourceAmerica) until 2014:

Transcript #1 (HTML, PDF)

Where: San Antonio

Name (mp3) Date Reference Pages Player
Audio #1.1 (Download) 2013-05-08 FILE 20130508 3-19
Audio #1.2 (Download) 2013-07-23 FILE 07232013 20-118
Audio #1.3 (Download) 2013-05-06 FILE 20130506 119-217

Transcript #2 (HTML, PDF)

Where: Phone

Name (mp3) Date Reference Pages Player
Audio #2.1 (Download) 2013-09-05 ZOOM0006.WAV 3-8
Audio #2.2 (Download) 2013-09-06 ZOOM0009.WAV 9-70
Audio #2.3 (Download) 2013-09-06 ZOOM0010.WAV 71-114
Audio #2.4 (Download) 2013-09-16 ZOOM0014.WAV 115-144

Highlights / Synopsis

Page/Line Remarks
Scheduling next call
16/25 Jean Robinson recounts Jim Barone bringing in “best friend”
23/8 – 24/19 Robert Turner “independent advisor”. After a while, Turner started an “independent veteran-owned disabled business” and partners with AbilityOne. There is a big meeting where it is announced to AbilityOne members that the new business is established.
29/2 – 29/10 She says it is one “hell of a conflict”. Jean Robinson tells Ruben Lopez about her discussion w/ Turner about filing a “conflict of interest form”. She discovers Turner has three different companies benefiting from awards given by AbilityOne, while he continues to act as an “independent advisor” to AbilityOne. AbilityOne attempts to “clean” Robert Turners company.
32/6 – 32/22 Jean Robinson explains she was a general counsel for Goodwill and the owner of Goodwill was “voting against” other bids, being a member of the board.
32 – 33 Jim Gibbons (Goodwill) is given competitors business plans.
43/12 – 48/25 Jean Robinson describes AbilityOne setting up “top-secret clearance” all other CRPs must meet before bidding on select contracts from the government worth “$500 million dollars”. AbilityOne selects only two companies “PRIDE/ServiceSource” for these projects, but the government doesn’t require these clearances from AbilityOne. They have their own method to approve contracts. As a result, all large contracts are automatically awarded to either PRIDE or ServiceSource while AbilityOne says “we wish more people were eligible”.
49/2 – 49/5 AbilityOne “positions them and their offshoot companies, their subsidiary companies…to get these big, big ass projects that are coming on line.”
55/10 – 55/16 Martin Williams is “buddy-buddy” with Mitchell Tomlinson (Peckham) “which is our number one revenue source, and, you know, keeping them happy is important.”
63/17 – 64/4 Jean Robinson explains the new B1 method is supposed to be revised “but all they did was change the name”
65/8 – 65/24 Jean Robinson explains what a “fall guy” is. “if an arbitrator on the outside decides we did blow it, they then can point”
71/13 – 73/25 Jean Robinson and Ruben Lopez discuss the contract in Puerto Rico. She says Ruben Lopez (Bona Fide) did not get the award because of “testosterone”.
78/25 Martin Williams’s objective is just to pound you into the ground.
84/22 – 85/2 Jean Robinson says the B1 process is only “pretending there’s been revisions”
96/17 – 104/19 Jean Robinson discusses MJ Willard and the problems caused by her complaints.
105/19 – 107/14 Melphine Evans kicked off the board for trying “to do the right thing”. It turns out she has a family connection to a CRP. Discusses why Ruben Lopez (Bona Fide) doesn’t get awards. Discusses the federal investigation, and the resignation of John Huggins.
130/3 – 135/17 Jean Robinson reads the resignation letter John Huggins sent to her; issues such as “staff not cooperating with legal advice” and objections to sexual relationships.
135/19 – 136/2 Jean Robinson complains the letter of resignation doesn’t address the “major issues”
138/8 – 138/18 Jean Robinson says John Huggins doesn’t mention “steering of contracts”
139/13 – 139/20 The letter doesn’t mention the conflict of interest regarding Goodwills’ $7 million.

Transcript #3 (HTML, PDF)

Where: Berkeley

Name (mp3) Date Reference Pages Player
Audio #3.1 (Download) 2014-01-22 FILE 01222014 V3.WAV 2-44
Audio #3.2 (Download) 2014-01-28 FILE 01282014.WAV 45-96
Audio #3.3 (Download) 2014-01-30 FILE 01302014 V1.WAV 97-114
Audio #3.4 (Download) 2014-01-30 FILE 01302014 V2.WAV 115-130
Audio #3.5 (Download) 2014-02-06 FILE 02062014.WAV 131-245
Audio #3.6 (Download) 2013-11-07 FILE 20131107 082848.m4a 246-269
Audio #3.7 (Download) 2013-11-07 FILE 20131107 110258. M4A 270-297
Audio #3.8 (Download) 2014-01-04 FILE 0401204 298-449

Transcript #4 (HTML, PDF)

Where: Phone

Name (mp3) Date Reference Pages Player
Audio #4.1 (Download) 2013-09-25 FILE 20130925 115323 2-210

Transcript #5 (HTML, PDF)

Where: Phone

Name (mp3) Date Reference Pages Player
Audio #5.1 (Download) 2013-12-12 FILE 20131212 2-74
Audio #5.2 (Download) 2014-01-03 FILE ZOOM0001.WAV 75-125
Audio #5.3 (Download) 2014-01-06 FILE ZOOM0002.WAV 126-179

Transcript #6 (HTML, PDF)

Where: Phone

Name (mp3) Date Reference Pages Player
Audio #6.1 (Download) 2013-11-18 FILE ZOOM00016.WAV 3-101
Audio #6.2 (Download) 2013-11-19 FILE ZOOM00017.WAV 102-236

Highlights / Synopsis

Page/Line Remarks
Jean Robinson discusses PRIDE issues
3/19 Jean Robinson drafts a letter which Robert Turner refused to send suggesting the US Ability Commission suspend “all future project allocations to PRIDE” until they verify they aren’t in violation of the AbilityOne program’s rules or regulations.
7/14 Jean Robinson tells Robert Turner “you’ve got to put your friendships” aside.
10/2 – 11/5 PRIDE was on probation and disallowed from bidding on projects, “but everybody bent the rules a hundred times to keep them from being out”
11/18 “No CRP has ever screwed up NASA the way they (PRIDE) did”
18/11 – 20/25 Jean Robinson describes when Carol Lowman (previously on the commission; now in the board) was brought in to call her friends. She works with “high-ranking” people to save the government contract (Fort Rucker) to be given to AbilityOne. “I think in her heart of hearts she doesn’t know that she crawled in bed with the devils”. She says “they were just buying time and waiting for PRIDE to, you know, be able to compete again and then they could.”
23/3 Jean Robinson tells Ruben Lopez if someone went to AbilityOne tomorrow and said “I’d like to take a look at how you guys have awarded and how you’re dealing with your top 10 or 20 agencies – that would pretty much uncover a bunch of crap”.
23/24 Jean Robinson explains to Ruben Lopez she has a list of questions “OIG Conflict Discussion Questions” which would be difficult to answer in AbilityOne. One question is so dead-on-subject that “That one got me shot”.
28/7 In one suggested question Jean Robinson tries to understand why NISH (SourceAmerica) pays for NCSE expenses. “They’re supposed to be the conscience of SourceAmerica and yet we pay for them to fly there and we pay for them to meet before our board meeting. We give them staff. We resource them with staff. We pay their expenses. They play golf and then they stay over.”
36/5 Jean Robinson describes the conflict of interest behind “the audit committee”. So if that’s headed by the CRPs that are participating in the program, you know, come on.
38 – 41 Jean Robinson describes how Jim Barone “stacked the board” and changed how the board elects members
42/11 – 42/16 After Robert Turner’s resignation “they feel like they’re pretty clean and sanitized now, but they’re not.”
45/5 – 45/24 Jean Robinson talks about the former board chair Gregory Bender and why he resigned. He “put in writing that the reason he resigned is because he was doing the same that PRIDE” was doing, namely, counting “temporary labor” workers into their numbers to make them look like they benefit more handicapped workers
46/1 – 46/11 Jean Robinson talks about a whistle-blower who “said that contracts were being steered to him by select NISH staff. Gregory Bender tried to influence other staff members “by writing that infamous what we call the SHAM email… where he says the B-1 – literally in his words, the B-1 process is a sham”
47 – 48 Jean Robinson again describes Goodwill’s Jim Gibbons fighting for a $7 million contract, not letting another CRP to bid without a business plan and then stealing the business plan, “it just would have been competition”.
51/5 – 51/15 Jean Robinson describes the real evaluation process. “Even if the evaluation committee that looks at projects for people…., the executive director, that one person has all the power in his or her hands… because they can say, to hell with what the evaluation and review committee came up with, I’m not going to give it to Bona Fide, I’m going to give it to CRP X.”
53/2 – 53/8 The overall scheme is “who’s kind of in bed with whom and the conflicts that they’re trying to do”. They try “to steer enough contracts to agencies that you are chummy with, and then when you leave the employ of SourceAmerica you go to work for those agencies.”
58 – 59 Jim Barone rule change is referred to as “incestuous” board.
60/19 – 60/23 Jean Robinson tells Ruben Lopez to instruct the investigation team: “if they investigate all of the connections between Bob Chamberlin and PRIDE and Bob Chamberlin and Michael Ziegler, they will hit some pay dirt”
64/20 – 65/5 Jean Robinson explains Robert Turner sent a group of people to investigate the allegations against PRIDE. “They go down, they write up a report, they find even more shit that what we had allegations for, but they try to…sanitize it.” As a result, the internal control auditor “resigned over that whole thing.”
66/11 – 66/13 Jean Robinson: “PRIDE is a scumbag organization that we keep covering up for, and I don’t know why”
72 – 82 Jean Robinson reads a lawsuit filled by Isleen Gimenez Wilson against SourceAmerica. She says Isleen Gimenez Wilson is “Dave [David Dubinsky]’s Girl, you understand right?….Dave [David Dubinsky] likes the ladies”

Missing Transcripts

Where: Phone

Name (mp3) Date Player
Audio #7.1 (Download) 2014-01-07
Audio #7.2 (Download) 2014-01-07
Audio #7.3 (Download) 2014-01-09
Audio #7.4 (Download) 2013-11-13
Audio #7.5 (Download) 2013-11-13


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Overall-Scheme (Download) 2013-11-18
Stacking-the-Board (Download) 2013-11-18
Pride-Clearance (Download) 2013-09-06

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