WikiLeaks published a previously secret chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership


Yesterday, WikiLeaks published a previously secret chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The document confirms our worst fears: the TPP would force extreme SOPA-like censorship onto the world’s Internet users.

Tell your leaders to say NO to Internet censorship and oppose the TPP

Now we know why the U.S. government worked so hard to keep the TPP negotiations secret: the Obama administration claims to champion Internet freedom and openness, but they’ve been quietly pushing for draconian copyright provisions that benefit Hollywood and giant pharmaceutical companies at the expense of our basic rights and freedoms.

We told the world once that SOPA was a deal breaker. But, now monopolists have found a backdoor to pass it — the TPP. They’re doing everything in their power to make sure it gets signed. Our time to fight this is short, but there is still hope. Experts say that the TPP negotiations could still fall apart if we keep the pressure on.

 The first thing we all need to do is speak out against censorship before it’s too late.

The TPP doesn’t just affect the Internet. It’s bad for the economy, jobs, the environment, food, and even access to medicine. The worst part is that it’s being debated behind closed doors, with no input from human rights advocates or technical experts, but plenty of influence from Industry lobbyists and government bureaucrats.

World leaders are meeting NEXT WEEK to continue negotiations on the TPP. Now that we know what’s in it, it’s clear we have no choice but to stop it completely. And we don’t have much time.

Click here sign the petition to stop the TPP

We spent yesterday combing through the WikiLeaks release, and we hate to say it, but the TPP is even worse than we thought. Here’s a glance of what it contains, read the full documents for yourself here:

* Shutting off our Internet connection and blocking entire websites over claims to copyright infringement — check.

* Encouraging our ISPs to spy on everything we do on the web and sharing our private data with copyright holders – check.

* Accusing people of copyright infringement without due process — check.

* Making medicine and medical care harder to get — check.

* Circumventing protections for workers and the environment — check.

* Undermining democracy and national sovereignty — check.

If that’s not the Internet and the world you want, join us in fighting the TPP. Forward this email to anyone who might help. And use the buttons below to share it online.
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