Wikileaks just released three “insurance” torrents via their Facebook page, one includes a whopping 349 gigabytes of data.

By: ~Q~ Admin at This Day in WikiLeaks: WikiLeaks releases three insurance files


Wikileaks just released three “insurance” torrents via their Facebook page, one includes a whopping 349 gigabytes of data.

“START QUOTE Please mirror: WikiLeaks insurance 20130815-A: 3.6Gb B: 49Gb C: 349GB



Magnet Links: agnet:?xt=urn:btih:E0A092AC0F9B56C886C41335CA36F34AAED6B80C&dn=wlinsurance-20130815-A.aes256&tr=udp%3a// magnet:?xt=urn:btih:95381785C3FB446DF35C5B4A8E5EF167DCB72011&dn=wlinsurance-20130815-B.aes256&tr=udp%3a// magnet:?xt=urn:btih:091EED7793FDB48C5BD8488431E888DDE41A889F&dn=wlinsurance-20130815-C.aes256&tr=udp%3a//


Some interesting information regarding an “Insurance Torrent”.  What is an  “Insurance Torrent”? an  “Insurance Torrent” is a torrent file that is intended to be shared and kept by people. The reason to issue an insurance torrent is so that a particular set of files or data is replicated and stored as copies in as many  various locations as possible should the data / files where it originates should ever come into a problem or situation where in which there is a threat to the loss or confiscation of said data. In the case of Wikileaks there is a clear and ever present danger that some agency from any number of world governments could conceivable by force or order, confiscate and destroy the servers or storage medium on which the Wikileaks Database is stored on and served from.


As well there is the chance that at some point Wikileaks maybecome un availale to the public on the internet. The insurance torrent provides a method to assure some form of continuity of the delivery and dissemination of the information that Wikileaks is famous for. There may come a time where the powers that be take down‎. This could be by various means such as confiscating the domain name, or “commandeering” it. It could be that all requests for the Wikileaks domain name could be denied or the DNS servers on the Internet’s backbone are instructed to give address translations to site/s other than


Some History on the Wikileaks “Insurance Torrent”   The first “insurance” file was uploaded in 2010 in the wake of the very controversial Afghan war diary release and is 1.4 GB in size. I remember when it was posted, everyone speculated that it was some sort of “dead man’s switch” in the event Assange were to be killed. The contents are still unknown, of course. EDIT: Added info. EDIT 2: It seems The Guardian released the decryption key a while back. EDIT 3: The 1.4 GB .aes256 file previously mentioned has no connection to The Guardian’s supposed cablegate key leak. Is it the Man ning trial that rpopted Wikileaks to issue another Insurance Torrent. It stands to reason that if there is a specific reason or threat wikileaks will let us know. Cheer,   ~Q~ Administrator and Chief editor @
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