Whose Social Security number was stolen question posed to Obama!

Whose Social Security Number Did Obama Steal?

Obama’s Social Security Number from Connecticut?

The engine that could just keeps keepin’ on!  That mighty engine is Attorney Orly Taitz.    Against all odds, and multiple roadblocks, she moves ahead in her quest for truth and exposure of Obama’s ineligibility. Orly received  a page of hard to read information  instead of a  legible numident from her FOIA request regarding Thomas Louis Wood whose social security number is one less than Obama’s.

Thomas died at age 19 and the information was available to the public, yet  it has taken over a year for the Social Security Administration (SSA)  to release the information.  Why did they stonewall her request?  Orly had to file a lawsuit to have the information released.  Finally,  the original application arrived along with a letter from the SSA.   She has  posted these to her site.  The first photo below is what the SSA initially sent to Orly.   Thereafter, are the new numidents for Thomas who was a resident of New Britain, CT…a state and place that Obama never lived.   So how did Obama get a social security card from that state?

From these forms, she states they can pinpoint the date  when the  SS-5 was filled out for Obama’s CONNECTICUT Social Security Number 042-68-4425 that he started using around 1980. Obama’s number is one number after deceased Thomas Louis Wood’s number that ends in 4424.

The application date for Obama would be between March – April, 1977 when Barack Obama states he was in Hawaii and nowhere near Connecticut.

Following are copies of the information for Thomas Louis Wood who died an early death. Yet his death is providing information that shows when Obama’s apparent identity theft of a social security number occurred, or when someone got the number for him.

Click to enlarge these forms for viewing.


Numident – The first version received from the SSA with redacted information


SSA’s Certification Letter for Thomas Louis Wood’s information


Thomas Wood Application for Connecticut Social Security Number – Numident

It is interesting to note on the 1977 application above the government asks for “Your Color or Race.”   The choices were “White, Negro, Other.”   There was no designation, “African.”   (Of course I am referring to the forged internet version of  the Certification of Live Birth that Obama put online where they used the term “African”  for the designation of race.  We all know that the term  means a nationality, and is  not a race.)

The above shows that Thomas’ mother applied for his Social Security Number on March 21, 1977  when he was 14 years old, and the number given to him was 041-68-4424.    In logical sequence the next person would be issued the next number.  Who really owns  Social Security Number 042-68-4425?   If this number was issued in 1977, what number did Obama use when he was allegedly working at Baskin Robbins in Oahu, Hawaii in 1975?


Thomas Wood – Numident – Dated 3/28/77


Thomas Wood Numident Dated 4-15-77

Why are there two different Numidents issued 18 days apart?   The first is a day after the  date of application.   The second was prepared  18 days later.

In my own research,  I used the LDS Genealogy site.   Their Social Security Death Index lists Thomas Wood as born in 1962 and dying in 1981. The SS# is the same number as indicated.  His social security number 042-68-4424  is still listed as belonging to him.  It has not been reassigned.

Social Security Death Index

Thomas WOOD
Birth Date:     15 Jul 1962
Death Date:      Jul 1981
Social Security Number:  042-68-4424
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued:  Connecticut

ZIP Code:     06111
Death Residence Localities
Localities: Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
Hfd, Hartford, Connecticut
Htfd, Hartford, Connecticut
Maple Hill, Hartford, Connecticut
Newington, Hartford, Connecticut

Another search by social security number on  Genealogy Bank produced  Thomas Wood’s name.  The search for numbers preceding Thomas produced no results nor were there any results for numbers after Thomas.  In other words, the people that own those numbers have not died.

042-68-4423  none
042-68-4424  Thomas Wood
042-68-4425  none –  The number Obama uses
042-68-4426  none
042-68-4427  none

If you remember there were two different investigators that researched Obama’s use of different social security numbers for Orly.  Both Susan Daniels, an Ohio licensed private investigator and  John N. Sampson, a Colorado private investigator signed affidavits of their findings in an eligibility lawsuit.   In a statement to WND,  Ms. Daniels said, “There is obviously a case of fraud going on here.”   She said, I am “staking my reputation on a conclusion that Obama’s use of this Social Security number is fraudulent.”

WND reported that  even more suspicious  is that the databases that the investigators used showed ” the date 1890  indicating the year of  birth of the number holder, along with Obama’s birth date of 08/04/1961.    A third date listed is 04/08/1961, which appears to be a transposition of Obama’s birth date in an international format, with the day before the month.”  How can this be if the Social Security Administration never reissues social security numbers?  Why would there be different information in different databases, unless someone was scrubbing and changing it?   Who had access to the databases?

The real owner of the number that Obama confiscated may still be living. Is there an individual that is 121 years old today? It is interesting that the number hasn’t been recorded by the SSA as a death.   So who issued Obama the number and buried the real owners name?

So We The People:  We have a fraudulent and forged Certification of Live Birth for Obama, a forged or fraudulent Selective Service record,  birth announcements that aren’t duplicated anywhere else in the US in any library,  inserted pages into a  birth index in Hawaii,  hospitals that don’t claim him,  falsified documents by the Democratic Party, a  State record stating that Obama is a natural born citizen, photo-shopped family and self  photos,  professors stating they never saw him at Columbia University,  a phony book that was written by Bill Ayers, no living “real”  blood relatives, no records from his Illinois Senate days, no medical records, and multitudes of sealed records.    How many of your friends have no documented background?   Are they in witness protection?

What else could we think other than this is a man whose ideology is foreign because he is foreign.  He can’t relate to us because he isn’t one of us.  Anyone that can’t produce a simple document has lots to hide.  He said it himself.   But when there are multitudes of the same document associated with his name…we have a conman, a thief, and a liar.   How many social security numbers do you have?    Obama has no less than  four dozen!

Oh,  this is  one report that we do have.  This was previously located by another investigator for Orly and  was reported in “Obama’s Lying Blue Lips.” This report was from another government database, “Intelligator”.    I guess they missed this one when they were scrubbing passport records,  manufacturing selective service records,  doctoring college records, and inventing  and creating a family history that has so many holes, it reeks like Limburger Cheese.  

Background Report 11/16/2009
Barack Obama   STATE IL
Barack H. Obama
5046 S. Greenwood Ave. Chicago IL 60615
County: Cook
DOB: 08-01-1961 Age 48      Not August 4, 1961
Gender M
Education: Graduate School
Occupation Group: Professional/Technical
Occupation: Unknown
Ethnic Code: Equatorial Guinea
Ethnic Group F
Language Code E
Possible Relatives MICHELLE OBAMA age 45

We are talking multiple criminal charges. Who will investigate the Fraud in the White House? What are they waiting for?  What more do they need to do their jobs? How many citizen requests do they need?

Does Congress know that  “Undocumented, alien, illegal”  workers purchase and use fake social security cards?   Tell Obama to Prove his Eligibility and produce the documents to Prove it! He won’t because he can’t!

Thanks to the “Engine that Could” for her perseverance and tenacity in locating and fighting for  the truth!



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