WHOOPS! FULLY-VACCINATED Singer Bryan Adams Tests Positive For Covid SECOND Time In One Month. Hospitalized in Italy.

Superspreader/Supershedder Bryan Adams “Symptomatic” But “On The Mend” After Testing Positive For Covid In Italy – 2nd Update

Singer Bryan Adams tests positive for COVID-19 twice within month

Bryan Adams tests positive for Covid-19 for the second time

Fully-vaccinated singer Bryan Adams posted a message on Instagram letting his fans know that he’s tested positive for COVID—for the SECOND time in ONE month! Fully vaccinated individuals who are testing positive for COVID is becoming more and more common, but what about individuals who are testing posititve TWICE in one month? Is this also common? It’s hard to know with so much disinformation that’s being spread, especially by those pushing for the entire population to be vaccinated.

In his post, the Canadian singer told his fans he tested positive for Covid after arriving in Milano, Italy, and that he was off to the hospital. He thanked his fans for all of their support and added a praying emoji to his message.

FULLY-VACCINATED Brian Adams Tests Positive For Covid SECOND Time In One Month


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