WHO recently changed the fact sheet of Monkeypox. Here’s a complete overview of what they added and removed.

uncovered the plot of the WHO just like Winston Smith did in 1984, they’re rewriting history in real time.

Links to the fact sheets in the image: https://archive.ph/m8c6h / https://archive.ph/crTWe

If we use the wayback machine to go to September 17th 2020 on the mayo clinics website it says this about the dangers of the smallpox vaccine, and why they don’t really use it anymore (it has said this for years)…

The vaccine uses a live virus that’s related to smallpox, and it can occasionally cause serious complications, such as infections affecting the heart or brain. That’s why a general vaccination program for everyone isn’t recommended at this time. The potential risks of the vaccine outweigh the benefits, in the absence of an actual smallpox outbreak.

With no mention of another vaccine….


If we jump ahead a couple weeks to October 3rd 2020 it says the same thing about the traditional smallpox vaccine, but also now mentions this…

A second vaccine, a modified vaccinia Ankara vaccine (Jynneos), has been found to be safe, and it can be used in people who aren’t able to take ACAM2000, who have weakened immune systems or who have skin disorders.


I find this interesting, that after many years of no mention another vaccine, combined with all the dark winter talk, and Gates small pox talk, they have released a new injection.


Also, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modified_vaccinia_Ankara

Currently,[when?] the use of MVA as a recombinant HIV vaccine (MVA-B) is being tested in approximately 300 volunteers in several Phase I studies conducted by the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative. Studies in mice and nonhuman primates have further demonstrated the safety of MVA under conditions of immune suppression. Compared to replicating vaccinia viruses, MVA provides similar or higher levels of recombinant gene expression even in non-permissive cells.

Recently,[when?] vaccination with smallpox vaccine (a vaccinia virus related to MVA) has been shown, on rare occasions, to cause heart problems in people who received it: heart inflammation (myocarditis), inflammation of the membrane covering the heart (pericarditis), and a combination of these two problems (myopericarditis).[citation needed] A few cases of cardiac chest pain (angina) and heart attack have also been reported following smallpox vaccination. It is not known at this time if smallpox vaccination causes angina or heart attacks. MVA is an attenuated vaccinia virus and does not replicate in the human body as efficiently as vaccinia. However, whether or not MVA can induce the same side effects as vaccinia is not known at this time.

So these vaccines are also assosciated with HIV/AIDS, mycarditis, and pericarditis. Clown world.

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