Whitney Houston: A woman gifted by God and pursued by evil.

Whitney Houston has passed on according to news reports the day of February the 11th 2012.

In this clip is a look at some of the things that Whitney said and though about herself publicly.
She was a child of God and she knew the Lord, obviously she was under a great amount of spiritual attack and this was in part evidence of the relentless attack placed not just in her life and actions, but in her thoughts and mind. I think the following is not Whitney but the enemy. She is a child of God and he is I hope is now done wiping away all her tears and tossing her sin into the sea of forgetfulness.

Whitney Houston to Diane Sawyer: “The Biggest Devil is Me”


Was Whitney a saint? Yes she was.

Satan as he does dragged her through the mud and muck. No matter we are from the miry clay, Whitney now goes to be with Father in Heaven, there she will not have want, need, or desire for the form that she gave up when she like the Lord before he gave up the ghost. He gave her life and that life will return to him and she will have brought him much Glory. Praise God.

Why would Satan pursue and publicly make a spectacle of a young gospel singing bible believing child with obvious blessings of talent enough to grip a generation? Who else would you choose? Come on it seems obvious to me why Whitney was in deed attacked by dark forces.


Think about if it was you and Esp. when you have one of the all time best selling albums and on that distribution you include the gospel song Jesus Loves me this I know. How many people did this touch and nudge towards a relationship with the Lord? You bet the devils had it out for her.


Be at peace now Whitney. God is your judge.


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