What’s Canada up to?

A recently leaked draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Internet Censorship plan confirmed our worst fears: the TPP is a dream come true for Big Media lobbyists and a nightmare for Internet users.

Despite mounting public opposition, the U.S. negotiators advancing the controversial censorship proposals aren’t backing down. We’ve learned that in just a couple of days, at secret closed meetings held in Singapore1, the U.S. delegation will place intense pressure on Canada’s Trade Minister to adopt their extreme proposals.

We’ve held them off so far — but we can’t stop now. Please, give us the power to keep fighting U.S.-backed Internet censorship. Help make our year end fundraising drive a success by becoming a monthly donor today.

Thanks to the pressure you helped create by supporting our campaign, so far our government is resisting the TPP’s censorship plan. In fact, analysis of the leaked draft by the Washington Post shows that Canada could be “…the sole party capable of opposing controversial proposals.” 2

If American Big Media lobbyists succeed, your ISP will have no choice but to begin monitoring your Internet use and removing the content of those merely suspected of wrongdoing.3

What’s worse, forcing ISPs to set up this monitoring system is almost certainly going to make your Internet bill more expensive.4

It’s just plain wrong, and together, we’re not going to let this happen. But it takes resources to run our high-impact campaigns; unlike other groups, we sustain campaigns for years, until we win. We’ve been fighting the TPP since summer 2012 – help us keep fighting for the open Internet by signing up for a monthly contribution today.

You can count on us to speak up when the open Internet is threatened. At OpenMedia.ca, using online grassroots engagement to protect the Internet is what we do. Together, our small and dedicated team has won some impressive victories in the past. With your monthly gift today, we can keep winning.

For our future,

Steve, Reilly, Jason, and the OpenMedia.ca team.

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2 “The United States is Isolated in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations”. Source: The Washington Post

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4 “Trade Pact Would Make Internet Services More Expensive”. Source: TheConversation.com

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