What Were These Military Planes Chasing? Mystery Surrounds Images Of Two Fighter Jets Following A UFO In Bulgaria


What were these military planes chasing? Mystery surrounds images of two fighter jets following a UFO in Bulgaria
In their latest bizarre sighting, alien hunters claim to have spotted a UFO (top left) being followed by military aircraft in Bulgaria, Images circulating on conspiracy forums show a ‘saucer-shaped UFO’. Jan 21, 2016 article.  DAILY MAIL

In their latest bizarre sighting, alien hunters claim to have spotted a UFO being followed by military aircraft in Bulgaria.

Images circulating on conspiracy forums show a ‘saucer-shaped UFO’ circulating high above the fighter jets.

Website Portal 12 said a reader provided the pictures, which were taken in Nova Zagora in Bulgaria’s southeastern plains.

‘Military planes chased an unidentified flying object near Nova Zagora yesterday afternoon,’ said a translated version of its report.

‘The craft were flying at very low altitude in the area above the villages of Gaz, Zagortci, and Han Asparuhovo.’

The report says the event was witnessed by a number of people, although no one else has come forward to make confirm the sighting, according to the Express.

It adds that the spectacle lasted about five minutes, before the UFO abruptly changed direction,causing the military planes to also perform ‘spectacular manoeuvres.’

Scott C Waring, editor of website UFO Sightings Daily, who comments on a large number of UFO claims, spotted the story.

‘A UFO was seen over farm land near some very tall power lines and it was being monitored by a military aircraft,’ he wrote.

‘The UFO seems to not be in any kind of hurry to move and the jet seems like it’s only there to identify the craft to those back at base.

‘I don’t think any military will risk deliberately shooting at an alien craft.’

A number of people, however, have said that the craft looks like it has been added to the images after they were taken.

Another explanation is that the UFO is simply a military drone.

According to paranormal expert Lee Speigel, drones are increasingly being mistaken for alien spaceships.

‘The thing about drones is…that you can make them look like UFOs,’ Mr Speigel said when speak to HuffPost Live.

‘You can go to the local hardware store, and for not a lot of money, you can pick up the materials you need…to make people go crazy.’

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