What did China Launch Into Space?

What did China just launch into space? That’s what the Pentagon is trying to figure out. And while China is saying it has repeatedly opposed weaponizing outer space, the mysterious object launched into space has US defense officials wondering. –
Has the Chinese regime developed missile interceptor technology? That’s what some in the US government are speculating after China launched a mysterious missile this week.
If those speculations are confirmed, then the Chinese regime could have the ability to destroy a satellite in orbit.
The rocket was launched on Monday. The Pentagon said it observed the object rise into the atmosphere and reenter Earth’s atmosphere above the Indian Ocean. What’s suspicious is that whatever the object was meant for, it wasn’t to put anything in space.
China denies the claim and says the rocket was just a scientific one, meant to study the Earth’s magnetosphere
China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei insisted today that the regime has always opposed weaponizing outer space.
But it has shown the capacity for satellite destruction in the past. In January 2007, China successfully shot down one of its defunct satellites. It was a surprise to the international community. Shortly after, in what many considered was a direct response, the US also shot down a malfunction satellite to prevent a toxic fuel tank from reentering Earth.

– See more at: http://www.ntd.tv/en/news/china/20130516/79372-what-did-china-launch-into-space.html#sthash.AaNAxxqr.dpuf

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