WEF, Canada and a Netherlands “test” global digital travel ID (vaxpass 2.0)



Wonder why Trudeau won’t end vax passport requirements to travel within and leave Canada? He needs it as basis for this horror show, supported by Air Canada and KLM. Read about the specific measures that account for your “social credit” score (called attestations).

See: https://ktdi.org/

They call it digital ID for seamless travel but in reality, you still get stopped at entry and exit points, you still get rousted by customs and border patrol and you can still be refused entry on a whim and forced to pay for being refused. It’s not seamless at all and as usual it’s being sold to people under an illusion of security but just ends up taking away more of your privacy and chips away at your right to travel.

Look at Canada’s role in this

Ministry of Digital Transformation: Ukraine is the first country in the world to fully legalize digital passports in smartphones

In September 2021, Ukraine will begin entering the “paperless” regime – public authorities will not have the right to require paper documents if the necessary information is already in the registers. And the adoption of the law on digital passports is one of the most important steps towards this, because the passport is the main document for obtaining public services. It will also allow to trigger a large-scale digitalization of business and government and simplify internal processes for launching new digital products.

The bill was developed with the assistance of the EGAP Program, funded by the Swiss government and implemented by the East Europe Foundation, SURGe with the support of the Government of Canada. We also thank the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal, the Committee on Digital Transformation, the State Migration Service, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs for their support. This is our joint victory!



They used Alinea International as a vector for the relay of IP, tech and funding: https://www.alineainternational.com/?s=surge

This is already being tested now and you wouldn’t even know it.


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I’ll sum it up. If Ukrainian and need fed assistance due to Russian “Invasion”, you’ll need a digital ID and to show completed vaccine schedule.


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