‘We made a total mistake’: Jack Dorsey questioned over Hunter Biden censorship – VIDEO

Dorsey says blocking Post's Hunter Biden story was 'total mistake'

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has admitted blocking a story about the president’s son Hunter Biden in the lead-up to last year’s US election was a “total mistake”.

Mr Dorsey made the remarks during a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing, which also included the CEOs of Facebook and Alphabet.

House Republican Whip Steve Scalise grilled Mr Dorsey about concerns of an “anti-conservative bias” on Twitter.

“We made a total mistake with the New York Post, we corrected that within 24 hours,” Mr Dorsey said.

“It was not to do with the content, it was to do with the hacked materials policy.

“We had an incorrect interpretation.

“We don’t write policy according to any particular political leaning.”

Mr Dorsey was also asked about the New York Post’s account being unable to tweet.

When Mr Scalise asked if anyone from the “censoring department” was held accountable for the mistake, Mr Dorsey dodged the question.

“We don’t have a censoring department,” Mr Dorsey said.

He was then asked who made the decision to block the New York Post’s account.

“We didn’t block their account for two weeks, we required them to delete the tweet and then they could tweet it again,” Mr Dorsey said.

“They didn’t take that action, so we corrected it for them.”

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