Water Flowing In Drought-Stricken Napa Creeks Thanks To 6.0 Earthquake

Surprise bonanza since Napa quake: dry creeks now flowing. Last month’s earthquake in California’s wine country has residents marveling at the sight and sound of water running in some local creeks again.

A very basic map of Solano County in California
A very basic map of Solano County in California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spring water spurts out of rocks and trickles down the moss- and vine-covered cliffs in Solano County’s Green Valley – an oasis in a canyon that was parched by drought only two weeks ago.

That was before Napahttp://goo.gl/p2j4Pd’s magnitude 6.0 earthquake.

It turns out that the earth’s mighty shifting – which caused about $400 million in damage to Napa, Sonoma and Solano counties – also mysteriously forced groundwater to the surface and into several dry or nearly dry creeks and streams in the region.

“This was never wet before,” said Mark Witherspoon, the reservoir keeper for two of Vallejo’s key sources of water, Lakes Madigan and Frey, as he stood amid a steady cascade of water in spectacular Green Valley canyon and pointed out a bubbling, burbling fissure.

More at Source: http://goo.gl/p2j4Pd

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