WATCH | “Woman violently assaults victim for coughing near her” | ~ Viewer Discretion is Advised ~

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Police are asking for the public’s help (source) in identifying the suspects responsible for a violent attack in a convenience store northeast Houston.

Houston police released surveillance video on the incident that happened just before 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 8 at the Valero located in the 5700 block of Lockwood.

Investigators say the victim explained that she sat down at the slot machine next to an unknown male and female. The victim told police that as she was sitting at the machine, she coughed, at which time the female sitting next to her started yelling at her for coughing next to her.

The victim says the unknown man and woman began to cause a disturbance, and she asked the store clerk if he could ask them to leave. The store clerk began to talk to the man and woman, when suddenly the female forcibly grabbed the victim by the hair and pulled her to the ground.

The female suspect then started to assault the victim by punching and kicking her multiple times, police said. The female suspect then grabbed the victim’s purse, cash and cell phone and walked out of the store with the male suspect following.

Both suspects sped away from the scene in a dark blue SUV.
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