WATCH – Wikileaks Issues THIS Warning to Hillary Clinton – If It Gets Out, She’s DONE!

The first round of DNC Wikileaks emails caused a massive amount of embarrassment for Hillary and Democrats – but the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz scandal appears to be just the starting point of what Julian Assange has in store for Clinton this week.

“We have upcoming leaks in relation to Hillary Clinton which could proceed to an indictment,” Julian Assange said during an interview on British television.

In addition to the Wikileaks hacked emails which appear to reference Hillary’s home server and the sharing of classified information, Assange also said some truth bombs about the Clinton Foundation will be released to the public in the near future.

“There’s very strong materials both in the emails (on home server) and in relation to the Clinton Foundation,” the Wikileaks founder also said.

The soon-to-be released Clinton emails allegedly show Hillary “overrode” Pentagon generals about the “Libya situation.”

Did the learned military brass want to get into Benghazi sooner and help rescue the Americans stranded in the midst of the terror attack?

Assange also maintained Hillary Clinton has “pushed for updates” about his legal situation and is pressuring the powers-that-be to shut down Wikileaks and put its founder behind bars.

The Clinton’s have long been able to control the foes who push for consequences to the actions of the career politicians when those who dare to challenge them are also on American soil.

But, Assange is not an American as is located out of their powerful reach.

Unless he is arrested abroad and deported to the United States, which is not likely to happen, the Wikileaks founder will continue on with his plans to share the linked DNC emails and Hillary Clinton emails.

Like many other folks, Julian sees Hillary as a major obstacle to the freedom of the press – a problem the infamous hacker does not think journalists, and by extension the American people, would have to contend with if Donald Trump wins the election.

Hillary and the Democrats are trying to blame Russian hackers for the emails now in the possession of Julian Assange. There is no proof of any such thing – the FBI already revealed hacking into Clinton’s computer would not have been very difficult.

The Dems want to link Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump to scare voters. Those same Liberal lawmakers and commentators were concerned when Obama became pals with the Castro voters.

Apparently, the Dems only value having an open line of communication with Communist dictators when it suits their Liberal narrative.

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