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Venezuela / Most Dangerous City on Planet / How People Live - YouTube

Venezuela documentary. Caracas – the most dangerous city in the world.

Today I will show how people live in a country, where you should only walk the street holding things you a ready to give away to folks with guns, who will surely find you sooner or later. Today we will visit the most terrifying districts, where 30 people shot per day is kind of O.K.
You will find amazing and interesting facts about that country you never heard before.

“Most of the crimes happen exactly in these districts – robbery, murders, kidnapping.”

We will also pay a visit to the rich district. “Huge golf fields. And they are not empty, unlike shelves in the shops.”

We will find out why a portion of fries in McDonald’s costs 130$. We will also visit the Venezuelan carnival. Venezuela is an amazing country, because full gas tank costs around $0,075 and a roll of toilet paper – $8,42. Recently there was an assassination attempt on Maduro, a copter flew to him as close as possible and exploded. Since then everyone with a copter is arrested.
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