WATCH | Vaccines and Vaccine Passports: “Illegal and unconstitutional” says Canadian Prof of Ethics Julie Ponesse

Unbelievable that our Govt is propagating that those who question the acceptance of this vaccination are uneducated and miss informed… and the public are falling for it! Thank you for being a voice of extremely educated and sound discussions!



“Illegal and unconstitutional”…..and forced upon , and accepted by , weak , complacent Canadians who will not stand up for their freedoms no matter what…”


“I used to consider myself to be on the left. I was very open to and accepting of people’s differences, and would have considered myself “woke” back when the term was not pejorative. In many ways I am still the person I used to be; I have not moved that much to the right. But the whole political landscape has shifted under my feet. From the perspective of the far let, I appear far right. In their measurement of my distance from them I am far, but my absolute position on the scale has me basically straddling the middle at this point. The fight for the right to be seen as equal under the law, and more broadly equal civil rights for all citizens, is still one I support. But I cannot abide the scale tipping back the other way; if the far left is permitted to retroactively condemn my ancestors for imbalances in society, then they must be willing to abide by the lessons learned from those wrongs, and not become the monsters they have been chasing. Tipping back only invites the cycle to continue.”


We must end the lies, fear mongering and complete censorship of any independent thought by the government and media and hold them accountable.


These are the “early signs” when a democracy falls into decay and turn into a dictatorship according to history. But has it always happened that way? I mean, once the “signs” start is the process irreversible? Is there historical examples of when societies could turn things around and go back to peace, reason, and truth?

Why are all 5Eyes countries passing the same insane laws simultaneously?
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