Watch This Journalist Actually Do His Job and Call the White House Out on Their Secret Plan [VIDEO]

Supplies for between 5 to 9 million Green cards have been ordered by DHS – Is it related to Obama’s promise of executive order re amnesty or is this just coincidental. 

“I think those who are trying to read into those specific orders about what the president may decide are a little too cleverly trying to divine what the president’s ultimate conclusion might be,” Earnest told reporters at the White House press briefing.

You can watch the entire interchange here, via Breitbart:

“So you are suggesting that ordering these green cards shows that the government is at least preparing the president to announce this soon?” Fox News Channel’s Ed Henry asked.

“I think the report is that they ordered some paper,” Earnest said, claiming that the order for millions of ID cards was somehow intended for “ongoing operations” by the Department of Homeland Security.

“Don’t be absurd with us!”  CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett said in response. “That’s not just an ordinary piece of paper. It’s central to what the president has promised in public to do … is that coincidental or is it unrelated?”

“You would have to ask the DHS about orders of green colored papers that they’ve ordered,” Earnest said. “I mean, this is crazy.”

“Why isn’t it just obvious that that seems to be related?” Garrett asked.

“You would have ask them about the policies that govern their procurement of green paper. Right?” Earnest said. “What I would caution you against doing, is making assumptions about what will be in those announcements based on the procurement practices of the Department of Homeland Security.”
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