WATCH |  Russia On The Brink Of Catastrophe: Successive Fires Panicked the Russian People! | VIDEO

Russia, which invaded Ukraine, has turned into a minefield! Explosions are constantly happening in Russia! The Russian fire brigade is not enough to put out the fires. Russia is experiencing the most difficult days in its history!

There are different claims about the origin of these explosions. Let’s take a closer look at the fire in Russia to analyze these explosions and their consequences!

The Russian army was planning to keep this war on Ukrainian territory. But now the explosions are taking place in Russia. Nothing is going Putin’s way in this war!

Another fire broke out in a shopping center in Russia today. Just three days ago there was a huge fire in a shopping center in Moscow! The succession of fires has made the Russian people very worried.

The roof of the StroiTrakt shopping center collapsed today after a fire broke out in a building in the town of Balashikha, the Moscow region’s emergency services said. Security measures have been raised to the highest level in all shopping centers in Russia!

The cause of these fires in shopping malls is still unknown. However, it is quite surprising that these fires occur during the hours when the shopping centers are closed. No civilians were harmed in the fires, but assets belonging to important companies of the Russian economy were damaged. In addition, Russian citizens are experiencing great panic due to these attacks. There is a very serious decline in the number of people going to shopping malls in Russia.

There is already a huge economic crisis in Russia. The Russian ruble continues to depreciate day by day. In Moscow, the squares are decorated for New Year’s Eve, but the streets are full of closed shutters. Because many Russian companies have gone bankrupt in this process. After the explosions in shopping malls in Russia, it is thought that more companies will go bankrupt in the Russian economy.

Explosions in Russia have not only occurred in shopping malls. There have been explosions at two military bases in Russia in recent days. One of them was at a military airport. Fighter jets belonging to the Russian army were damaged in this explosion. The other explosion occurred in a fuel tanker near the military base. The fuel tanker could not be extinguished for hours!

Explosions are also taking place in Russian-occupied regions! The Russian-appointed deputy governor of Ukraine’s southern Kherson region was injured in a car explosion. Vitaly Bulyuk was seriously injured in this explosion! The driver of the car lost his life! Attacks against Russian-appointed bureaucrats in these regions are increasing!

It is known that Russia pays two salaries to the bureaucrats assigned in this region. However, many bureaucrats still do not want to work in the occupied territories. Because Russian bureaucrats know that the Ukrainian army will liberate these regions. No one wants to be part of a war that they will lose!

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