Please download the video before its removed and share as much as possible. In order to tell the other side of the story of what happened in the altercation that took place between Bailey and Jamal.


After an altercation at school which occurred over 6 weeks ago and ended in a detention, the mainstream media took it upon themselves to run a hit campaign of stories against Bailey (a child) without even being remotely interested in the facts or what occurred prior to the edited 5-second video clip.

As a direct result the Mainstream media, celebrities and pretty much the entire establishment turned on this poor family with gangs of men attacking his home and hundreds of threats of rape and murder to not just Bailey but his mother and two 11-year-old sisters.

Subsequently, Bailey’s family have been forced to flee their home with only the clothes on their back. They have since been living in fear for their own safety.

Whilst not condoning his actions there are far worse things than a bottle of water being poured on someone’s head at school. The detention after school was a suitable punishment. The media frenzy and describing a child pouring a bottle of water on another child as ‘Waterboarding’ a refugee is outrageous journalism and has actually put this entire family’s life in danger.

A number of people have asked to support baileys family and go fund me have closed down any attempted to raise funds. If you would like to support Bailey’s family and help them rebuild a new life after actually being made refugees in their own country, then you can do so here.

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