WATCH | People are ‘waking up to the threat posed’ by communist China

People are 'waking up to the threat posed' by communist China ...

Former UK Conservative Party leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith says the communist government in China have a “strategic view that they need to be in all these [global] markets, and they need to be dominant”.

Sir Iain has been one of the most ardent critics of China during this current crisis, and specifically towards their malign influence throughout the globe through – above all – their use of soft power to demonstrate how “reliant” the world is on their manufacturing and presence.

“All their equipment they are sending to the west is part of the soft power process which is basically saying ‘you really are reliant on us'”.

To the chagrin of many in the UK including Sir Iain, the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei will be a key facet of the country’s new 5G system.

“People are now beginning to wake up to the threat that is posed to a … democratic, freedom loving country like ourselves,” he said.

Sir Iain told Sky News host Peta Credlin the real danger with China’s growing global influence is “when you become so dominated by a country where the is no respect for human rights and no democracy”.

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