WATCH | Parent Serves $200M Medical Malpractice Lawsuit During School Board Meeting!

Clark county / Las Vegas

These People are imposing medical solutions or mandates on your children without having the skills or credentials to lawfully make those kinds of decisions.


Rusty2149: “Message to level headed open minded democrats, there is no shame in admitting that you’ve been supporting the wrong side, the only shame is to continue to support this disaster. It’s time to wake up, not to be confused with “woke” which is something to be avoided at all cost.”

Commentator- Scar1943: “More conservatives need to get involved in running for school positions. These woke are intoxicated with their perceived power when they run for these positions, and there is little to no care about the kids themselves. Public school has become a mockery. They are worthless concentration camps where the woke pray on children because they are easier to control. We all know it, for their actions prove it.”


Source: Parent Serves $200M Medical Malpractice Lawsuit During School Board Meeting
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