WATCH – No Electricity Needed Heater | EMERGENCY HEAT and Light for 72 DAYS | Crisco candles

A large can of Crisco – add a candle pushed down into it and voila. It will last for many more hours than a single candle. Then there is the Crisco Candle heater for 72 days.

“The EASIEST way I have found to make EMERGENCY heat! for EVERYONE. How to make light that last 72 days. I show you how easy it is to make Crisco candles if you have No Electricity or the power goes out! STAY WARM with this very simple low cost way of making clay pot heater and crisco style emergency candles.

Emergency candles that burn incredibly long has never been so easy. Anyone can do it. Making Emergency Heat and emergency candles should be a tool and Prepping skill that everyone should be prepared for.

Whether it is a winter power outage, major cold front, if you lose electricity or a pandemic has made chaos. What ever the emergency is, when SHTF you need to have this skill Prepper Ready.

We’re not funded by the Government to publish lies and propaganda on their behalf like the mainstream media. Instead we rely solely on your support, so please support us in our efforts. It’s quick and easy…

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Heat Your Room with 1 Candle plus Flowerpots, Nuts and Washers
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