WATCH – NGOs on international migration accord approved in Morocco – VIDEO

Published on 16 Dec 2018

(10 Dec 2018) The President of International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) chastised world leaders on Monday for not attending a two-day international conference about the “Global Compact on Migration” taking place in Marrakech.

“I think it was only to feed the passion of their voters and not for real political purpose because being here you can fix the causes of migration,” said Francesco Rocca. “Being here you can be engaged with other countries, and try to discuss how to better tackle this important issue.”

More than 160 countries have agreed on a nonbinding UN migration accord that seeks to ensure the safe, orderly and humane movement of people around the world, over the outspoken disapproval of the United States and several other countries.

High-level government delegates including German Chancellor Angela Merkel have given their backing to the UN’s Global Compact for Migration approved by acclamation by 164 countries on Monday, following years of efforts supported by former US President Barack Obama but rejected by the current Trump administration.

Defenders say migration can help national economies by rejuvenating the workforce in aging rich countries and by providing a needed source of cash to poorer countries through remittances. They say orderly migration will save lives.

Opponents say the pact could challenge national sovereignty and they fear an influx of migrants.

The International President of Medicines sans Frontieres meanwhile on Monday stressed that there will always be migration, regardless of measures taken by governments to deter it.

“There is right now 70 walls being erected in the world,” said Joanne Liu. “And the reality, as I always say, there will never be a wall tall enough that would stop parents to doing (the right thing) for the future for their children.”


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