[Watch] Megyn Kelly – Congress and Border Patrol Determined to Force Obama to Obey the Law

Posted on 14 July, 2014 by Rick Wells

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Fox Reporter John Roberts was the first reporter ever allowed to take cameras into the McAllen, TX detention facility and he described it as an eye-opening experience. He describes seeing many of the unaccompanied children, some of whom are dealing with their situation better than others.

Some were in tears, distraught over their situation and apparently missing their families. The actions of the Obama administration which resulted in these children being held in detention facilities far from home are inexcusable.

He described the processing area as being busier than an airline counter, with border patrol agents pushing paper and documenting people rather than being on the front lines, doing their jobs.

Roberts took a tour with Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert, who said the tactic being pursued by the Obama regime of declaring their own laws or invalidating laws, such as was done with the “Dream Act” is not going to happen again. Gohmert is no fool and he knows exactly what is going on, what tactic is being pursued by the regime.

The policy of “expedited removal” is gaining a lot of traction in Congress and is also supported widely by the Border Patrol. Gohmert and Chris Cabrera, a Border Patrol Union official agree that the only way to stem the tide is through detention and repatriation. Not just the verbal message but the physical message as well of once you come in we will send you back has to be sent.


Roberts closes by pointing out the absurdity that DHS announced the repatriation of 40 individuals as some sort of accomplishment and adherence to the rule of law in the face of 55,000 who were allowed to stay.

All Kelly can say in response to those figures is “wow.”

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