WATCH – Mayor of Tijuana ordered by court to not comment on migrant caravan


On Dec 28th, the day Mexico celebrates their “April Fools Day”, a federal court handed down an injunction against Tijuana Mayor Gastelum ordering him to stop expressing his opinions about migrant caravan and to stop allowing his police and govt forces to report criminal migrants to immigration services. The court determined that he has violated the human rights of migrants, which seems to be more important than doing the job he was elected to do, protect and serve citizens of Tijuana.

Link has English subtitles. This is the world under UN pact rule:

(CR NEWS JAN 1st, 2019) In a clear attempt to want to restrict the human right to freedom of SPEECH enunciated in the 6th and 7th articles of the Constitution of the United Mexican States, as well as in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the very United Nations Organization, the Mayor of Tijuana (PAN), Juan Manuel Gastelum Buenrostro, has been subject to a resolution by a Federal District Judge ordering him to no speak about the #MIGRANT #CARAVAN .

In a recent video posted on December 28, 2018, live on the official facebook page of the Mayor’s Office of Tijuana (…) the Mayor mentions that he received an order from the 1st District Federal Judge ordering him to keep silent about the Migrant Caravan and to issue orders to the Municipal Police of Tijuana to not hand any illegal immigrants that have been arrested over to the federal immigration authorities in the city.

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