WATCH | Live Panel: Exploring the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus | American Thought Leaders

The live event will begin at 3:30 p.m. ET on April 18.

The live panel discusses the new documentary, Tracking Down the Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus.

The panel includes the following speakers:

  • Jan Jekielek, Host of American Thought Leaders
  • Joshua Philipp, Senior Investigative Reporter at The Epoch Times
  • Joe Wang, Ph.D., President of NTD Canada
  • Sean Lin, Ph.D., Former U.S. Army Officer and Microbiologist

The live event will begin at 3:30 p.m. ET on April 18.

About the Documentary – Watch it here:
As the world is gripped by the ongoing pandemic, many questions remain about the origin of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus—commonly known as the novel coronavirus.

Join The Epoch Times’ senior investigative reporter Joshua Philipp as he explores the known facts surrounding the CCP virus and the global pandemic it caused.

In his investigation, Philipp explores the scientific data and interviews top scientists and national security experts. Despite the mystery surrounding the origin of the virus, much is learned about the CCP’s cover-up that led to the pandemic and the threat it poses to the world.

We approached this project with an open mind. From the start, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has not been forthcoming with information about the virus. In the early days of the outbreak, medical professionals who sounded the alarm were reprimanded by police for spreading “rumors.”

As the situation became uncontrollable, the CCP said the virus originated at the Huanan Seafood Market. But when it became clear that patient zero had no connection to the market, the CCP shifted its narrative to suggest that the virus originated in the United States and was brought to China by the U.S. military.

As a leading voice in covering China for the past 20 years, we understand very well the CCP’s deceptive nature and its cover-ups. With this outbreak, we saw a case of history repeating itself—in 2003, we exposed the CCP’s cover-up of the SARS epidemic in China, far ahead of other media.

In this documentary, we seek to present viewers with the known scientific data and facts surrounding the origin of the virus—which continues to be a mystery. We don’t draw any conclusions. But we point out that serious questions remain about the CCP’s handling of the virus outbreak and its true impact within China and around the world.

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