WATCH – LISTEN: The Coronavirus Is WORSE Than You’ve Been Told: Scientist Explains

Well, this is a report I really hoped never to write. But we all need to get our head on straight around this fast-spreading viral outbreak.

A pandemic is #3 on my personal “oh shit” list (a prolonged grid-down event is #2, and a global world war with nukes is, by far, #1)

Once a pandemic spreads to my neck of the woods, I’m not going to be doing anything in the company of strangers. No shopping, no going to restaurants, and especially no traveling in closed up metal tubes with recirculated air (i.e. planes and trains).

I won’t be alone in those behaviors. How many airline pilots, train conductors, trash collectors, and medical personnel have to call in “sick” to disrupt the entire system? Not that many.

So why is this Wuhan New Coronavirus (officially “2019-ncov”) a substantially more dangerous threat than the standard flu?

WATCH!!! – NURSE IN WUHAN trying to tell YOU ALL that things are WORSE than what is being told.

China will suspend all tourism activities, including international tours, starting on Jan 27th. The domestic tourism activities are suspended from Jan 24th.

All of China is under lock down. Happy Lunar New Year.
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