WATCH – Kevin Spacey on Twitter: “Let Me Be Frank”

Needless to say this is not going over well with the public. Twitter makes it clear and spells it out to Kevin that he needs to “read the room” Watch his YouTube video release. Done in a mediocre southern accent and a decidedly unpolished drawl.

He appears to think he is talking to his fan base and talks about the opposition and naysayers as pressing him for a telling all and about paying the price, playing by by the rules. He says in short, not going to happen is his message.  He is shameless and decidedly defiant ion a tasteless and flagrant disregard with defference to decency, and the majority of the public’s good graces. 

If you can stomach his hubris and ego you might well have a strong reaction, pity and laughter are certainly two of them many of you can expect to experience from this a tragic joke. 

Kevin Spacey Published on 24 Dec 2018

Mark Dice tweet saw his twitter account suspended.
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