WATCH: ‘I hope he roasts in hell’: Donna Brazile says ‘son of a bitch’ Roger Stone got what he deserved

“He’s going to be sentenced on Feb. 6. I hope he roasts in hell,” Brazile told HBO host Bill Maher Friday night. “That son of a bitch!”

Brazile said Stone “worked with WikiLeaks to destroy not just Democrats, but to destroy our democracy, so I hope he roasts in hell, and I wish I’m at the sentencing hearing because I’m going to wear the best looking red dress I could and say, ‘Go to hell. Not jail.’”

“Go to f—ing jail!” Brazile said. “Go to jail, go to hell. I’ve never been so proud of the jurors. Hell yeah, thank God I wasn’t on that damn jury. You just worked me up, shit, how do you wake me up like this? I can’t stand that son of a bitch.”
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