WATCH: He’s transgender. He identifies as female, and he’s against transgender men using the women’s room

“I am a transwoman and a parent, but I totally reject this law,” says Jaqueline Sephora Andrews, who was born male but now identifies as female. “It’s a law that allows for any man to be able to say he’s a woman and access women’s spaces.”

“In a time when so many sexual assaults go unreported, we’re telling [girls] that their boundaries don’t matter. When they say no, people won’t listen,” Andrews says. “They’ll be blamed for being uncomfortable.”

“I think it’s time we care for women and children, that we care for the concerns of women and children, care for the safety of women and children,” Andrews says. “Passing this law is not the way to do it.”

Jaqueline S. Andrews

“Trans activism is men’s rights activism,” Andrews says.

In the video, Andrews says, “I personally think there should be a separate space for trans[gender people], or anyone, that they can access,” which would “protects trans safety…and the privacy of anyone,” especially children.


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