WATCH | Germany: Water cannons deployed at unauthorised counter-protest in Hamburg – VIDEO

Water cannons were deployed on Antifa counter-protesters participating in an unauthorised gathering in Hamburg on Saturday against anti-lockdown demonstrators who registered their protest.

Police deployed water cannons and made a number of arrests after advising the unauthorised counter protesters to disperse. The Antifa protesters can be seen marching close to each other, despite social distancing recommendations, while holding banners calling anti-lockdown protesters conspiracy theorists and right wing extremists.

On the officially registered anti-lockdown protest, people were standing on marked sites respecting the two-meter (6.5 feet) safety distance and calling for the basic rights to be respect and maintained by the state.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel explained that the measures were necessary in order “to win time in the fight against the virus.”

Over the past few weeks, Germany has been gradually lifting its coronavirus-related restrictions with the reopening of stores, museums, some schools and other non-essential business. Anti-lockdown protesters demand more freedom of choice in whether to comply with the coronavirus safety measures or not.

According to the latest data published by the Johns Hopkins University, Germany reported 179,787 coronavirus infection cases and 8,256 deaths with the disease.

Germany: Water cannons deployed at unauthorised counter-protest in Hamburg
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