Watch “Fauci and Redfield’s Real Russia Connection at Fort Detrick” ???

“Tunnell Government Services, 492 Contracts with Fort Detrick”

Fauci and Redfield's Real Russia Connection at Fort Detrick ...


From YouTube’s video description

“George Webb is an investigative journalist in the Washington, DC area that discovered the NATO Military Grade encryption blackberries and hard drives used by DNC Chairwoman’s IT assistant, Imran Awan. Webb has documented NATO involvement on Capitol Hill in the diversion of weapons provisioned by Congress for conflict areas such as Iraq and Pakistan into other covert operations like Libya, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen. Also, Webb has highlighted how NATO Supreme Commanders have used protege translators like Imran Awan to return to the US to pose as small, disadvantaged businesses to win Pentagon and DHS SBA set aside contracts. His latest reports have shown the same Defense Threat Reduction Agency that divert nuclear materials to Iran may have also diverted bioweapons to Iran.”


Fauci and Redfield's Real Russia Connection at Fort Detrick


How Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx Are Donald Trump's 'Democratic ...
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