WATCH | Deep State Seeks “League of Democracies” for Globalism | VIDEO

Deep State Seeks “League of Democracies” for Globalism

In this episode of #BehindTheDeepState, host Alex Newman explains that the #DeepState is working to create a “League of Democracies” that will help advance #globalism. Supposedly a bid to stand up to #CommunistChina’ s 5G ambitions, the real reason for this shift in tactics is that under the #Trump administration, the #UnitedNations has been discredited and paralyzed. The D-10 League of Democracies is being pushed by British Prime Minister #BorisJohnson, the Council on Foreign Relations #CFR, the Carnegie Endowment, and other powerful forces. Eventually, the goal is to use this new EU-style entity to shackle the #UnitedStates, fight “#ClimateChange,” bully small nations with low taxes, terrorize companies that don’t go along with the globalism, and more, Deep State bigwigs admit.
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