WATCH |  “Dead Zone” TV show from 2003 mentions corona virus, talks about the Hydroxychloroquine being the cure, and “lockdown.” 

Dead Zone - Plague - YouTube

From a viewer:

“This entire plandemic is just one of several emergency back door escape routes to try to seize control of any potential perceived threat of exposure of the elitst’s and all of their lengthy cruel insidious evil horrors they have inflicted for so many years on so many people. They leave these little power trips to contain the population on standby so they can circumvent courtrooms or actual work on capital hill…”


  • While at a school science fair, Johnny gets a disturbing vision of a group of children getting extremely ill. Johnny persuades Walt to quarantine the building and eventually the children begin to get sick. Johnny realizes that without his help the children will die, including JJ. With the assistance of Rev. Purdy, Johnny must help Walt and the local health inspector, Jim Pratt, try to identify as well as find the source of the mysterious virus before it kills off the entire town.

Anthony Michael Hall in The Dead Zone (2002)

 Dead Zone: The Complete Series Format: DVD
Dead Zone: The Complete Series Format: DVD
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