WATCH | Coronavirus – Doctors Arrested for revealing the truth | VIDEO

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It was doctors who first tried to raise the alarm of the spread of the virus and they were detained and forced to sign confessions…

Chinese people dying in the streets of Wuhan “It’s not that serious.” >Hospitals capitulated by exorbitant amounts of patients unable to receive even basic medical aide “It’s not that serious.” >WHO declares it global health emergency “It’s not that serious.” >Evidence coming to light it’s much worse than we first thought due to China’s initial and ongoing cover ups “It’s not that serious.” >R0 reaches 4.1 making it worse than the 2003 SARS virus “It’s not that serious.”

World Health Organization spokesperson Christian Lindmeier says the WHO’s declaration that the novel coronavirus is a global health emergency ramps up worldwide efforts to fight the virus, including in countries that otherwise may not have the resources.
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