WATCH | Connecticut Governor HECKLED at length about abusing his power, this man won’t let up

CT has some of the BEST Covid numbers in the country, and despite being well below the previously stated targets for allowing play, they pulled the rug out from under these athletes who have been conditioning and practicing for months already with no spikes in infections.

The timing on Lamont’s new fines for large gatherings is suspect. Last week, over 1,200 football players from around the State marched on the Capitol building lawn to protest. Were these fines put in place to make sure another demonstration won’t take place?

The kids who have no other shot at college except scholarships are the ones who will be hurt the most by this.

Ironically, he and one of his minions (Beth Bye) played against several State Reps (Fasano, Klarides-Ditria) in a tennis match at their private club over the weekend. How nice.

I hope voters remember all of this next time Uncle Ned is up for re-election (not this year).
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