WATCH | Clinton Cash Machine in Bed w/ Russians, Fauci-China Coverup, Judicial Watch Fights Court Corruption

Judicial Watch President @TomFitton discusses how the Clinton Cash Machine’s ties to Russia, a case involving court corruption in Virginia, and another Fauci-China coverup on the COVID-19 virus.


Tom Fitton does the rundown on the grifters in charge.

Billy Clinton’s 500K speech fees…
Uranium One…
McCain / Biden / Kerry…
And yet again – Hillary

Wuhan lab cash and “research” and development = Fauci-China.

Fitton’s says while laughing that the “CDC is terribly corrupt.”

Judicial Watch is a real blessing to Americans. Tom Fitton gets the FOIA requests for the material he speaks on and sues the gov. for the people when they refuse to do what is required of them to do by law.

It is all so tiresome counting the ways “they” are screwing the world, thank The Lord Judicial Watch has the chops and organization to keep the facts, on the record / in evidence and share with us.

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