WATCH | BREAKING | Guayaquil city of Ecuador dead people burned on STREETS!! Hospital full of Bodies! City lost control!

Bodies in a hospital corridor in Guayaquil, Ecuador, March 31
Bodies in a hospital corridor in Guayaquil, Ecuador, March 31 | Photo: Twitter/@CFernandezBrito

Ecuador struggles to collect the dead as coronavirus spreads

Residents of Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city, have complained they have no way to dispose of relatives’ remains due to strict quarantine and curfew measures designed to prevent spread of the disease. Last week, authorities said they had removed 100 corpses from homes in Guayaquil.

But delays in collecting bodies in the Andean country, which has reported 1,966 cases of the virus and 62 deaths, were evident midday on Monday in downtown Guayaquil, where a man’s dead body lay on a sidewalk under a blue plastic sheet, according to a Reuters witness. 

Must watch #Guayaquil #Ecuador. Things are getting worse in there city.

No respiratory devices in hospitals. Many deaths not being registered.

Sick people go back to their houses to die there.

Source:Bodies inside ER hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador

source: [b]People falling on streets:

source: Dead bodies burned on streets :

VULTURES overflying hospital

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