[Watch] 20,000 Christians Forced Into Slavery By Muslims. Where’s the Outrage?

[Watch] 20,000 Christians Forced Into Slavery By Muslims. Where's the Outrage?

There was a national outcry when Nigerian children were kidnapped by Boko Haram in April; Hollywood and Capitol Hill infiltrated Twitter with hashtags and selfies, demanding they “bring back our girls.”

When 200 schoolgirls are kidnapped it’s a national tragedy, but what about 20,000?

The media has failed to report on tens of thousands of Christian families who have been tortured and forced into slavery by Muslim elitists in Pakistan, and our leaders have failed to even acknowledge the crime against humanity. Families have been put to work making brick kilns, suffering under horrific conditions and treatment.

Christian slaves are not allowed to attend church and are forced to “sometimes have to go days without food,” by their Muslim masters.

Christians who are able to sneak out cries for help have been recognized by Rescue Christians, a charity group dedicated to Operation Freedom From Slavery, who helps families escape bondage.

[Watch] 20,000 Christians Forced Into Slavery By Muslims. Where's the Outrage?

[Watch] 20,000 Christians Forced Into Slavery By Muslims. Where's the Outrage?

[Watch] 20,000 Christians Forced Into Slavery By Muslims. Where's the Outrage?

Anwar Bashir, his wife, and their four children, are one of the families saved by Rescue Christians. Anwar and his family were forced into slavery after being caught by their slave owner, Haji Nawaz, who constantly beat them. Nawaz eventually sold them to another Muslim named Tanveer, who forced them to work in a brickyard:

We tried to escape from our working place twice, but were unluckily caught. The in charge of the kiln beat and punished us. He didn’t allow us to attend the church. Haji Nawaz sold his kiln to Tanveer along with his laborers including me and my wife in 2011. Tanveer took us to Kasur. During our work, my sister died. Tanveer didn’t allow us to attend her funeral and abused us very much. We worked there like slaves.

Rescue Christians’ Pakistani contact gives heartbreaking details about Islamic slavery:

People like Anwar were forced to work without pay, under threat of violence and they are unable to walk away and live a life without the permission of their masters.

This is the real face of slavery, Sometimes the master pays a few grains of wheat and rice to keep the slaves alive, or uses a bogus payment that the slave holder reclaims at the end of the month. But the end result is what slavery is today and has always been —- one person controlling another and then forcing them to work.

This is real slavery. People held against their will, forced to work and paid nothing!!! There are 20,000 Pakistani Christian families living as slaves in Kilns in different parts of Pakistan.

Anwar was able to escape when his Muslim master left to attend service at the local mosque.

Still, tens of thousands of families are slaves under Islamic oppression, not unlike slavery in the U.S. over 150 years ago.

You can help these families by simply sharing this story, or donating to Rescue Christians’ Operation Freedom From Slavery.


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