[WATCH] 17 YEAR OLD BLACK YOUTH SHOOTS 15 PEOPLE -Main Stream Media Silent! – Some As Young As 11 Years Old

Here is a story you will not see in the main stream media. The reason?  Because the shooter is African American. You would think the liberal gun grabbing media would be all over this but they are silent.


Miami Police announced Monday that 17-year-old Will Campbell has been arrested for the mass shooting that left 15 people injured, including children, at a Miami night club on Sept. 28.

Police Chief Manuel Orosa said detectives had been looking for Campbell throughout the weekend before taking him into custody Monday afternoon. Police said Campbell has been talking with detectives with his mother present.

Chief Orosa said the shooting stemmed from a fight at Norland Senior High School.

“One of his friends got involved in a fight and when him and his friends arrived at The Spot, they found the other person involved in the fight there,” Orosa said. “He was told that (another patron) was the other juvenile involved in the fight. So, he took out a gun and shot that juvenile, who’s in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital. He also shot at the crowd as he was running away, hitting 14 other people.”

Orosa continued, “He will be charged with attempted first-degree murder and 14 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm.”

Police said since Campbell is still under 18, he will go through the juvenile justice system for now. Orosa said Campbell didn’t have much of an arrest history. The chief said Campbell had arrests for obstructing a police officer and possession of marijuana.

Campbell was arrested just days after The Spot’s manager Tiffany Johnson was arrested and given a notice to appear in court for allegedly selling liquor without a license.

Johnson, 31, was arrested after agents found bottles of liquor behind the bar during an inspection of the facility. The bar only had a license to sell beer and wine. NBC Miami


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